lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Message to the participants in the meeting in Glasgow

Barcelona, 22nd September 2011

Dear friends,

In 2009 I had the honour to participate in an interfaith meeting in New York. There I had the opportunity to meet the delegation from Glasgow. Last year we had the opportunity to meet again with some of them in Barcelona.
This year, as Manu must already informed you, it has not been possible for me to visit the largest city in Scottland. I am sorry about it because I would have certainly enjoyed it very much, but I join this meeting from my heart and I join your prayers to the only God, from my faith.
These years we have been discovering that the different religous communities in all countries take part in public life and face the great challenges: immigration, violence, discriminations... All this has been very interesting , but the most important thing are the links of friendship that we are creating. Friendship, when it is truthful, lasts for ever.
A specific proposal I would like to submit to you it that we should have a more direct knowledge of the poetry from different religious traditions. Poets are in some way prophets in the sense that they see beyond the limits of our space and time and can anticipate the world that is to come. As a good friend, professor Miquel Ruiz, says “poetry is necessary to live”. Those poems that each of us know by heart are part of our imtimacy. They express our hearts. Wisdom has an intimate link with poetry, the background of experiences in each confession, in each religious tradition. This is a wealth that can be shared with everybody, even with those who claim that do not believe.
As our poet Salvador Espriu has written: diversos són els homes i diverses les parles/ i han convingut molts noms a un sol amor. (men are diverse and the languages are diverse, but many names have all united to express one love).

I wish you every success.

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